STN releases new Returnpath Test Generator (RTG-3)

With the new EuroDOCSIS 3.1 standard being implemented in the near future, there is a demand for future proof test and measurement equipment. The new EuroDOCSIS 3.1 standard will expand the bandwidth of the upstream return path from the current 5-65MHz to 5-204MHz.

The RTG-3 has been developed to comply with this new standard. The basis for the RTG-3 is the already successful RTG-2. The RTG-3 uses the same form factor, functionality and user interface.
The RF part of the RTG-3 has been completely redesigned from scratch to comply with current demands of spectral purity and accuracy. This resulted in significantly improved specifications.

RTG-3 Return Path Test Generator

For more information, check the product page.

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