RTG-3 replaced by RTG-3 2-Tone.

STN releases the new RTG-3 2-Tone, which expands the functionality of the RTG-3 with a 2-tone output mode.
The RTG-3 will be discontinued, and will be replaced by the RTG-3 2-Tone.

The addition of the 2-tone mode offers possibilities such as intermodulation measurements. The user can very easily toggle either output channel on or off. A sequential (single-tone) mode with adjustable interval time is also available.

RTG-3 2-Tone Return Path Test Generator

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STN releases new Returnpath Test Generator (RTG-3)

With the new EuroDOCSIS 3.1 standard being implemented in the near future, there is a demand for future proof test and measurement equipment. The new EuroDOCSIS 3.1 standard will expand the bandwidth of the upstream return path from the current 5-65MHz to 5-204MHz.

The RTG-3 has been developed to comply with this new standard. The basis for the RTG-3 is the already successful RTG-2. The RTG-3 uses the same form factor, functionality and user interface.
The RF part of the RTG-3 has been completely redesigned from scratch to comply with current demands of spectral purity and accuracy. This resulted in significantly improved specifications.

RTG-3 Return Path Test Generator

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STN launches new website

We at STN BV would like to welcome you on our newly re-designed website.
The new design focuses on showcasing our latest products and services in the best possible way and providing you with any information you might be looking for about our products. The website of our main product, DirectQAM™ has now been fully integrated in the company website.

We also have a completely new registration system to provide access to protected download files like firmware or documents with detailed product information. Unfortunately, anyone who was previously registered on our site for download access, will have to re-register.

To register, use the login menu on the sidebar to the right, or follow this link.
As soon as your registration has been approved by STN BV, you will receive a password to log in to our website. This password can be changed after your first login.

STN develops grocery/crate detection system for grocery stores

One of the biggest losses for grocery stores are items (either knowingly or unknowingly) slipping through checkout, items on the crate carrier of a shopping cart are often not seen by the checkout staff.
STN has designed and now produces the key components of a detection system to prevent this situation.

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STN ontwerpt boodschappen detectie / krat detectie systeem

Een van de grootste verliesposten van supermarkten, zijn boodschappen die (al dan niet opzettelijk) langs de kassa slippen. Boodschappen die op het uitklapbaar rekje van de winkelwagen worden geplaatst, worden vaak niet gezien door de kassa medewerker.
STN heeft de hoofdonderdelen van een detectie systeem ontwikkeld en geproduceerd om deze situatie te voorkomen.

Voor meer informatie, kijk op de product pagina.

Grocery/Crate Detection System

STN introduces Multi IP2QAM

STN introduces it’s latest product.
The Multiple IP to QAM Modulator is a 19-inch 1U high unit. The unit contains up to three DirectQAM™ modules generating a total of 24 QAM channels.

For more information, check the product page.

Multiple IP to QAM Modulator - Front view