About Us

STN develops, produces and sells high-end innovative electronic products, mainly but not limited to RF and digital television and audio solutions for cable operators.

STN BV is a small and lean company which excels in the design and production of RF Electronics, Digital television and Special Products. Established in 1981 we have since supplied hundreds of systems, i.e. upconverters, modulators, return path amplifiers etc., for cable operators.

Today our focus is on converting IP into digital TV and audio. In 2007 we introduced our worldwide acclaimed DirectQAM™. Since then thousands of units have found their way to 25 countries and are providing 24/7 365 days a year digital TV to millions of homes. Also OEM manufacturers and system integrators have found their way to STN and have integrated our DirectQAM™ products into their systems found in the leisure and hotel industry worldwide.

Our innovative capabilities are now being applied to diversify our product portfolio into the domestic retail and domotic markets.

Stay tuned for more innovative products coming from STN!

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